My Stand Desk Means Much Less Sitting

I don’t need to read those articles about how sitting too much will kill me, or at least make me fat. I know I can’t sit for long periods. My butt goes numb and I get all fidgity. I was meant to move around.

Jim Dunkerley's Homemade Stand Desk

My Stand Desk

As a writer/web developer, hovering over a keyboard is my life. So I set out to improvise a stand desk in my home office.

My Beta-Test Stand Desk

First task: raise the keyboard/mouse platform of my cheapo computer workstation. I had one of those plastic milk crates that you can get at Target sitting around.

Next I needed a platform for the mouse and keyboard. I happened to be clearing off a bookshelf destined for Salvation Army. The removable shelf unit was a perfect fit for my keyboard and mouse pad.

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Assembly was simple. I moved the monitor from the desk to the “riser” shelf on the workstation. I placed the crate and platform on the desk, moved the mouse and keyboard and voila! I have a stand desk. I’d assumed that I might need to buy something suitable for a permanent solution, but this setup works so great, there’s no reason for me to change anything.

Jim Dunkerley's Homemade Stand Desk, closeup view

Closer Look at My Stand Desk

Luckily I’m not concerned with office aesthetics. As you can see, it’s not the greatest looking piece of office furniture. But, for me, it’s all about the functionality.

I’ve since put in hours and hours at the stand desk. I love this setup. After eight-hours of sitting at a day job, the last thing I need is to sit some more. But I want to keep working on this site and my affiliate website, Make Guitar Music.

This stand-desk hack proved to be an ideal solution. After a long day of sitting at a desk, it feels great to stand and get some productive work done on my writing projects, and my web sites.

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