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Making Content for a Digital World

Hi, I’m Jim, a content developer based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I develop content for websites, blogs, and technical communications. I’m a big WordPress fan.

I like to build websites, and I’m crazy about music in general and playing guitar, in particular. I’m able to combine my writing zeal and love of guitar at my website, Make Guitar Music.

When I’m not developing content, I’m an avid reader. You can check out the books I’ve enjoyed. I also read a lot of books on my Kindle eBook Reader — it’s great.

My Milwaukee Web Content Development Activities

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Milwaukee Meetups

Milwaukee WordPress Meetup
Milwaukee Web414 Meetup
Bucketworks, home of Milwaukee WordCamp, and many Web Dev Meetups.

What is This Blog About? — Digital Content Development

This blog includes my musings on content development including writing, SEO/inbound marketing, content management and developing online graphics. On occasion, I may also “go local” and report on events in the Milwaukee Web Development community.

How to Contact Jim

I like to think I’m easily accessible at any of these locales…

Irrelevant Facts

  • During my post-college years, living in Los Angeles, my bicycle was worth more than my car (a ’67 VW Bug).
  • I was tear-gassed at a Jefferson Airplane concert at the Akron Rubber Bowl. But it wasn’t because of anything that I did.
  • I watched, in it’s entirety, Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s 15-1/2 hour epic film, Berlin Alexanderplatz (the longest narrative film ever made). It ran for four consecutive nights at Pittsburgh’s Craft Avenue theatre.
  • While playing touch football at Miami’s Tropical Park, I heard actual gunshots, fired during a shootout between police and a robbery suspect.
  • I attended a World Series game at Dodger’s stadium, between the Dodgers and the Yankees.
  • While working at a HiFi shop in Los Angeles I met: John Entwhistle, Beau Bridges; Barbara Hale (Della Street on Perry Mason); Laurindo Almedia; Jazz trombone great, J.J. Johnson; and Carlene Carter, to name a few.
  • I met my boyhood sports idol, Joe Namath, while working at CBS SportsLine, in Ft. Lauderdale.

Have fun,


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